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Superior Smokers are continuous; gravity feed smokers engineered to consistently perform at an efficient level for competition BBQ cooks and backyard pitmasters alike. Whether you are a competitive BBQ team looking for a reliable, smooth running pit, or the pride of your neighborhood cooking on your back deck, Superior Smokers can take you to the next level. Our cookers are designed and built with quality and affordability in mind, Superior Smokers is the BBQ pit that gets it done. You need only to take a walk around your nearest BBQ competition to see that Superior Smokers are the pit of choice for many of the top BBQ teams around.

Our smokers combine gravity feed charcoal convenience and precise, efficient airflow control through the firebox and cook chamber. By controlling the airflow across the fire, the smoker is able to burn only the fuel that is needed to maintain a steady temperature. This allows the meat to cook in a consistent environment and produces better results. Once you have dialed in your smoker, you can expect to hold a steady temperature for hours. It is not uncommon when cooking at lower temps, around 225 degrees, to maintain that temp for up to 15+ hours on one 20lb bag of charcoal.



The mission of Superior Smokers is to build the finest, most affordable hand-crafted barbeque smokers available today. We use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. Our smokers are built by a highly skilled team with many years of experience designing and building insulated, gravity feed charcoal smokers.